Sunday, September 28, 2008

Theodore Teddy Postcard

A member of the Childcare and Beyond forum recently had surgery to remove a tumor and the kidney it was in. She asked that other members of the forum send postcards to her preschool for the children to enjoy. I couldn't just buy a postcard now could I?

On the back I put:
Hi Kids!
This is Theodore Teddy. He's all dressed up for our cold Canadian weather, in his toque and sweater. He sees the leaves falling from the trees and knows winter is coming. The trouble is Theo doesn't like the cold! So we're sending him to you where he'll be nice and warm all winter long.
From Corinna and the kids at Kids 'n' Crayons Daycare

So tomorrow we'll be going to the post office and mailing Theo all the way to California. Who says bears have to hibernate. :o)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Wallhanging and a new way to hang

Yesterday I finished a fall wallhanging using four of the fall sampler swap blocks exchanged on last year. I still have many blocks left that I hope to make into a fall lap quilt one day.

Here it is hanging on the wall using a dowel and hooks.

In four or five weeks I'll be hanging it with one of these! I'm so excited because I've been wanting something like this for a few years now.
I got it from for a very reasonable price. I ordered a pine one like the second one in the picture and also a smaller cherry wood one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Post and a Dragon Quilt

Wow, I can't believe I'm blogging! I'm sure this will be fun. I've been reading blogs for months now and decided a while back I should join in. It was just a matter of finding the right time to do it. Looks like today was the day!

For my older daycare children I've promised them each a quilt on their 10th birthdays. So far I've made three with two more to go. One in '09 and one in '10. Very managable....unless you leave it until the last minute like I did with the third one here.

I managed to finish it from start to finish in about three weeks! I even amaze myself sometimes. I finished it the day before his birthday.

I found the patterns at for free! Check it out, Sindy has lots of great applique patterns.

Please excuse the poor photography. I took them in the evening, outside because I had to give the quilt away the next day and rain was in the forcast for that day. I don't have a space big enough to take pictures inside.