Sunday, September 28, 2008

Theodore Teddy Postcard

A member of the Childcare and Beyond forum recently had surgery to remove a tumor and the kidney it was in. She asked that other members of the forum send postcards to her preschool for the children to enjoy. I couldn't just buy a postcard now could I?

On the back I put:
Hi Kids!
This is Theodore Teddy. He's all dressed up for our cold Canadian weather, in his toque and sweater. He sees the leaves falling from the trees and knows winter is coming. The trouble is Theo doesn't like the cold! So we're sending him to you where he'll be nice and warm all winter long.
From Corinna and the kids at Kids 'n' Crayons Daycare

So tomorrow we'll be going to the post office and mailing Theo all the way to California. Who says bears have to hibernate. :o)

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Debi said...

Very cute postcard, welcome to the world of can be addictive!