Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's alive....somehow!

Last night, around 12 my brother Mike was getting off work. On his way home he hit a patch of ice and rolled his car into the ditch. God must have been watching over him because his only injuries are a bruised thumb and knee and a sore shoulder where the seat belt was.
This is the drivers side door. The glass was smashed on the drivers side. He had to climb out the rear passenger door.
This picture was taken from the road. I couldn't believe how far into the ditch he went!

In this one you can see the path he took into the ditch. He must have rolled more than once.

The back hatch was open and his stuff was scattered all over the ditch. If he hadn't been wearing his seatbelt he might have been scattered all over too!
And yes, I made sure to hug him when I saw him today. :,o)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yep that's right folks, it's my birthday today! I'm a whole 28 years old now. Gosh, when did that happen?

To celebrate I thought I'd better get around to posting the fall giveaway prizes I won.

First I won a Amy Butler fat quarter pack from Danetta. Wow! Looooovvvvve it!

In fact, I loved it so much I decided to use some to make myself a tote bag for when I went to the big city. :o)

Then I won this from Lavinia. A huge pincushion, a scissor holder designed by Lynette Anderson, a fat quarter pack, and some wooden buttons! There was also a lovely note book that got missed when this picture was taken. Just call me spoiled! Oh, and didn't I feel special picking up a package from Argentina (where Lavinia lives)!

Soon it will be time for the Whirl into Winter Giveaway. I wonder if I'll be lucky again? :o)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 29th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

My wonderful parents have been married for 29 years as of today! I think dad said something about fixing his truck together to celebrate. Pretty sure he was joking! He's not quite that red neck.
This isn't a great picture of them but it's the best one I have. They're a little haggard looking from traveling to see their new grandson. And actually I didn't even take it. I stole it off my sister in laws facebook page. :o)
Anyone have suggestions on how to help them celebrate 30 years next year?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To the big city and back and all the clothes

Here are the promised pictures of all the clothes I made for Thadeus. I had a great weekend with Thady and his mommy and daddy. It was a bit crazy getting there though. It normally takes about 5 hrs but I turned it into 8 because the roads were sooo bad. Ugh. My brother Mike came with me but he didn't drive so he wasn't much help! We ended up stuck behind an accident for a hour. Lots of the time we had to go 30-40 km/h because the roads were covered in layers of ice. Not fun! Oh and I nearly hit a deer a couple times. No it wasn't the same deer! lol Finally we made it there around 2 am. We stayed up visiting and didn't get to bed until 4am. :oP
This is a taggie ball made with fleece and ribbons. I also put a bell inside.

A monkey shirt. I appliqued it on a onsie. This picture shows the monkey better and then next one shows Thadeus better so I had to post them both. :o)

Pants I made while I was visiting. The strippy ones didn't turn out as planned. I made a mistake on the pattern because I was just looking at the picture and not reading the instructions. *sigh* The green pair turned out much better.

Pants that match the booties. 0-3 mths and 3-6 mths. Neither pair fits him yet. All the patterns seem to run a bit big. Well more than a bit. Apparently that's a common problem with baby patterns. But he'll fit them before too long! he is in a sleeper I bought him, lying on the quilt I made him.

And here's auntie Corinna holding him after church. He's wearing the 0-3 mths tie shirt I made him that morning. Basically cut out a tie shape and applique it onto a shirt. He was quite the hit with the ladies at church!

Huh. These are in a weird order...the next to pics show close ups of the pants. I made fake pockets to jazz them up a bit.

A sleeper sack, a blanket, and a hat. This time the hat fit!

Bibs made with leftover scraps and backed with terry cloth.

This jacket should fit Thadeus next spring.

This is another sleeper sack, pants and two hats. These hats are way too huge for him!

I love these! They're 3-6 mths so it'll be a while before they fit.

And that's pretty much it I think. There were a couple of other sleepers that I bought but never got a picture. As far as patterns I used, they were mostly Simplicity and McCalls. I bought them over 10 yrs ago so I don't think they're around anymore.
The drive home was much less eventful and the roads were great, thankfully.
Now maybe I can get back to quilting! Not that I didn't enjoy sewing baby clothes it's just that I have a daycare girl who's been waiting since Sept to get her napping quilt. Right now she's using ...*gasp* a plain ol' blanket!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Clothes!

Thanks to everyone who congratulated my family on the birth of Thadeus! I'm still on cloud nine and I can't wait until the weekend to see him. :o)

I've been sewing up a storm only it hasn't been quilting at all. I've been making baby clothes! I used to make baby clothes when I was a teenager with the thought of selling them. Like most of my get rich schemes, that plan failed. But I still have all of my baby clothes patterns.

So far I've made: a 6mths jacket, 6mths sleeper, 12 mths pants, swaddling blanket, and two hats.

I also have cut out a 0-3mths sleeper, 0-3mths pants, 6mths pants, and two bibs.

If I manage to get all that put together I have plans to make at least one more bib and then applique some onesies and maybe some booties.

I'd also like to make myself a totebag to take to the city. I'm not sure what design or colors I'll use yet though.

I haven't taken any pictures of the clothes I've finished yet so I'll get that done in the next couple days. And just so this isn't a picture"less" post here's my new favorite picture of Thadeus. :o)
Monkey toes!

Halloween Costumes

Here's some more of the halloween costumes I made this year. I was commissioned to make the witch costume and I think it turned out nicely.
The other two "costumes" were my own bright ideas. :oP Some of my daycare kids bring their stuffed animals to daycare. Here we have "Cookie" the cat sporting the latest in fish wear. We HAD to have a ruffle "cause she's a girl cat, Corinna".
Next we have "Frosty" who's life long dream was to have a bone cape to wear out on the town. All the lady dogs will be very impressed with him I'm sure!