Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to dress for a Canadian winter

This is how we dress for the outdoors here. You need a winter jacket, ski pants and winter boots. Mittens, wristwarmers, two scarves, a toque, and a "neck warmer" (which I had to put on her head because her toque didn't cover her forehead lol)
As a result of all that you get a one year old who has a blast outside even in the -15C weather (that's pretty warm for us) and she did NOT want to quit when her mom came to pick her up. :o)
Today it got above freezing even! Very warm! I could get used to that but I'm sure it'll be back to -40 again at least once before spring.


MYRA said...

Yup! I don't miss dressing daycare children from my days of working in one... 42 children! Yikes! Soon to come is all the lovely wet clothing from mild winter days... 8-)
Great bean bags!
Donated flannel...great find! Did you by chance save the address of where you picked it all up. The lady might appreciate a look-see of what you all did with it... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

pollyanna said...

That is so like crazy cold...crazy! But how cute is that little snowbunny :)

Clair said...

Not much different from a Minnesota winter. Though at least lately it has been more pleasant.