Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Knitting donations

I've finally taken pictures of all my knitting so that I can show everyone! I stumbled across a blog that was taking donations of knitted items to give to orphans in Botswana. Apparently it gets a little chilly there in the winter. Who knew!

I managed to get six hats, one scarf, and two pairs of booties finished. I didn't realize how long it would take to get them to the collection place in the states though and now I'm not sure they'll get there in time to go with the rest of the items to Botswana. I'm sure they'll be put to go use somewhere though.

These three are chunky beanies. The white one is new born size.

This scarf and hat set are teenager/adult size. I did it scarf with my own made up pattern. About 12 rows of garter stitch and then 3 and a half inches of seed stitch. It's four feet long.

This is a pixie hat with booties. About 4-6 mths size although the hat nearly fit my 22 mth old daycare girl.

And lastly another hat and bootie set. The pom pom turned out a bit bigger than I would have liked. lol
So next I'd like to knit a couple hats for myself. I just have to order the yarn and then wait for it to come.....I'm still waiting for my double pointed needles that I ordered nearly two weeks ago. Can't wait until they come!


Wilma NC said...

Very sweet and nice of you to donate. I am trying to learn to knit non-scarf items, lol. Maybe someday....

Valerie said...

How precious. Oh how I want to learn to knit. Is it hard???

MYRA said...

Great hats, scarf, and booties! Good for you! 8-)