Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Here's some more of the halloween costumes I made this year. I was commissioned to make the witch costume and I think it turned out nicely.
The other two "costumes" were my own bright ideas. :oP Some of my daycare kids bring their stuffed animals to daycare. Here we have "Cookie" the cat sporting the latest in fish wear. We HAD to have a ruffle "cause she's a girl cat, Corinna".
Next we have "Frosty" who's life long dream was to have a bone cape to wear out on the town. All the lady dogs will be very impressed with him I'm sure!


pollyanna said...

Oh I love the witch but the best is the reffled fish! LOL Love the costumes :)

The Chung Family said...

Having a 3 year old with an active imagination, I got such a kick out of the stuffies with their costumes on! That's great!!