Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To the big city and back and all the clothes

Here are the promised pictures of all the clothes I made for Thadeus. I had a great weekend with Thady and his mommy and daddy. It was a bit crazy getting there though. It normally takes about 5 hrs but I turned it into 8 because the roads were sooo bad. Ugh. My brother Mike came with me but he didn't drive so he wasn't much help! We ended up stuck behind an accident for a hour. Lots of the time we had to go 30-40 km/h because the roads were covered in layers of ice. Not fun! Oh and I nearly hit a deer a couple times. No it wasn't the same deer! lol Finally we made it there around 2 am. We stayed up visiting and didn't get to bed until 4am. :oP
This is a taggie ball made with fleece and ribbons. I also put a bell inside.

A monkey shirt. I appliqued it on a onsie. This picture shows the monkey better and then next one shows Thadeus better so I had to post them both. :o)

Pants I made while I was visiting. The strippy ones didn't turn out as planned. I made a mistake on the pattern because I was just looking at the picture and not reading the instructions. *sigh* The green pair turned out much better.

Pants that match the booties. 0-3 mths and 3-6 mths. Neither pair fits him yet. All the patterns seem to run a bit big. Well more than a bit. Apparently that's a common problem with baby patterns. But he'll fit them before too long! he is in a sleeper I bought him, lying on the quilt I made him.

And here's auntie Corinna holding him after church. He's wearing the 0-3 mths tie shirt I made him that morning. Basically cut out a tie shape and applique it onto a shirt. He was quite the hit with the ladies at church!

Huh. These are in a weird order...the next to pics show close ups of the pants. I made fake pockets to jazz them up a bit.

A sleeper sack, a blanket, and a hat. This time the hat fit!

Bibs made with leftover scraps and backed with terry cloth.

This jacket should fit Thadeus next spring.

This is another sleeper sack, pants and two hats. These hats are way too huge for him!

I love these! They're 3-6 mths so it'll be a while before they fit.

And that's pretty much it I think. There were a couple of other sleepers that I bought but never got a picture. As far as patterns I used, they were mostly Simplicity and McCalls. I bought them over 10 yrs ago so I don't think they're around anymore.
The drive home was much less eventful and the roads were great, thankfully.
Now maybe I can get back to quilting! Not that I didn't enjoy sewing baby clothes it's just that I have a daycare girl who's been waiting since Sept to get her napping quilt. Right now she's using ...*gasp* a plain ol' blanket!


MYRA said...

What a little cutie pie nephew you have there!!! And what a great auntie he has in you... 8-)
Love all the clothes you spoiled him with! Very nice! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

pollyanna said...

OMG! Thady is adorable! And looks just about ready to play ball on Saturday! What an adorable little fella :) And you! You have made some really cute little thing for this precious boy. Sweet auntie :)

Megryansmom said...

Beautiful handiwork. I especially love the taggie ball, I make the little blankies. Would you be willing to share the pattern and directions? Have a great weekend.

Valerie said...

You did a lot of work. The baby is adorable.

Irene said...

You have been very busy and everything looks adorable - especially that little bundle of love!

cedarchestquilts said...

Wow Thady is so cute--and such a sharp dressed man LOL. You have made so much, he should be outfitted for awhile! All the clothes look great. Angie