Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 29th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

My wonderful parents have been married for 29 years as of today! I think dad said something about fixing his truck together to celebrate. Pretty sure he was joking! He's not quite that red neck.
This isn't a great picture of them but it's the best one I have. They're a little haggard looking from traveling to see their new grandson. And actually I didn't even take it. I stole it off my sister in laws facebook page. :o)
Anyone have suggestions on how to help them celebrate 30 years next year?


Wilma NC said...

Congrats to you parents. I have been married 36 years and I know how long it seems, lol. Beautiful baby.

MYRA said...

Congrats to your parents! My parents are celebrating their 50th next August... I am stumped too... 8-)