Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A knittin' fool!

I thought I'd show everyone the knitting I've been doing. Just dishcloths but I think they're pretty nice. :o)
This nice purple woven looking one is for mom.

The following pictures are the ones I made for mom's co-worker. When she heard I was knitting dishcloths she offered to pay me to make her some.

This one's huge. 10"x10"

And a sun! Just what we need to see on these cold winter days. :o)

So.....now what should I knit????


MYRA said...

Great dish clothes! Very creative ones too yet! 8-)
I knitted up a whole bunch last winter. They should last me a long while yet...
I made a bag for my cutting mat and rulers... functional, not a beauty either... 8-)
What a great way to use up scraps! Pillows for fur-friends!!! I like it!
Not to worry about your sewing/quilting mojo... It will come soon enough. Mine is doing better now... 8-)
Happy knitting... sewing... playing with the children! 8-)

Pat said...

I just learned to knit and should try the dishcloths. They look so nice and I love the feel of them (have bought some at craft shows). I love the ones you made...especially the "sunny" one.

Wilma NC said...

Those are really cute!!! I made some for my MIL once but she gave them back and said they were too thick for her to wring out. Go figure.

Valerie said...

I want to learn to knit so bad. My mom bought me a book on how to teach myself complete with the knitting needles. I can crochet just a little thanks to my best friend showing me a few stitches. I love the dish cloths!

pollyanna said...

Your knitting is beautiful. And your kitties are very content looking! Mine would stare at the pillow as they sit beside it LOL I think you have your creative mojo all the time :)