Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh I could just cry! Whhhaaaaa!!!

In preparing what to put in this post I realized that I'd deleted ALL of my Christmas '08 pictures on New Years Eve. *sob* I hadn't taken many but there was a great one of Grandpa, my brother Jody, and Thadeus. And another one of my sister holding Thadeus. And they're GONE! I thought I'd put them on the computer but I guess I didn't cause they ain't here no more!
We needed more room on the camera to take pictures of this....

and this.....

I had 9 yr old Logan (former daycare boy) and 8 yr old (current daycare girl) Shaylin over for a New Years party. Ohhh what fun we had! We baked bread, ate large amounts of junk food, watched the new Narnia movie, and exploded pepsi.....alllll over the wall and the ceiling. I didn't realize that semi frozen pepsi turns into a rocket when you try to open it! The kids and I were covered in Pepsi as well. We all had a good laugh over that as we cleaned it up. :o) No harm done except the calender was ruined - good thing it was the last day of the year!

Logan's older brother Tyler (12) joined us at a bit before 2 am (he had his own teenager party to go to first) and then we stayed up a little longer before finally falling asleep. I took them back home at noon New Years day. We had alot of fun that night and I'm sure the kids won't forget about the exploding Pepsi for a long time to come!

I also want to show some of what I've been up to lately in the crafty department.
I got some knitting needles that I'd asked for for Christmas and I started knitting these. I did the pink one first, then the orange and then the blue/green one. It was nice to see progress being made as each one got a bit better.
I haven't knitted since the summer I was 13 and I was amazed at how quickly I picked it back up. I still have sooo much to learn yet though.
I also finished my matryoshka dolls. I clipped and clipped and clipped those darn seams before I turned them and the edges still look lumpy! But they're cute anyways. I actually made a smaller one that was about two inches high but it seems to be MIA. I'm blaming the cats on that one. It may show up one day. I sure hope so. It was the cutest one. :o)
They're just the right size to stick in a little girls pocket. Awwww.

Free pattern can be found on this blog HERE.

And that's all folks! Maybe I'll get more done this weekend - you never know!


Pat said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your lost photos. We had that happen once after our oldest grandchild's baptism. Her dad had the camera and we told him NOT to touch anything, but he did and deleted almost all of them. We were NOT happy campers. *sigh*

Barb said...

Sounds like you had a great New Years Eve. Just dropped by to thank you for entering my blog giveaway.

pollyanna said...

I am so sorry you lost your photos! My computer crashed with all my infant pictures of my grandgirl. Heart breaking. But the bread and Pepsi is GREAT! What fun you up not so much LOL

Wilma NC said...

The dolls are precious. I had made some crocheted dishcloths for my MIL once, but she said they were just to thick for her to wring out. Go figure, lol.