Monday, January 12, 2009

This is for you Myra!

Myra was showing pictures of her in ringlets as a child. She was wondering if anyone else ever had ringlets.

Yeah, I had ringlets. Ringlets that facinated the other girls. They all wondered how it was done.

Here I am at about 3 or 4....probably 3. Yep, sportin' the ringlets.

Here I am in Kindergarten. Ringlets are getting longer. I was sick this day so mom took me in to school to get my picture taken and then we went back home. Hence the green tinge and the lack of smile. Oh and mom made that dress for me. Probably while she was pregnant with #3.
And here I am in grade two. Look at those ringlets!!! Wow are they ever long. lol I think this might have been the last year I let mom do the ringlets for picture day.

Ahh the memories...of going to bed with the hair up in the foam rollers and trying to sleep with a lumpy head. And then mom taking them out the next morning, trying not to pull my hair. Good times, good times. :o)

Oh and the other 364 days a year? I wore braids, braids and more braids. I didn't start wearing my hair down until grade 6 or 7.


Pat said...

Loved looking at your "ringlet" photos!!! :)

MYRA said...

Wow you can relate!!! Lucky you didn't have to wear ringlets just about every day!!! Bath-day was on Saturdays, thus I slept in the pink sponge rollers that night, and I too recall the lumps and bumps of sleeping on them...On Sunday morning they would be brushed into neat, tight little sausages around my head for Church, and by the end of the week they were well stretched in length... In my case I probably wore braids or ponytails about 10% of the time...

Your baked bread reminded me that my oldest 23, made her sis 22, a dinosaur raisin bread last week. lol!

That pepsi rocket explosion must have been a real blast for the kids!!!

Happy stitchings and playing with the children... 8-)

Wilma NC said...

I had ringlets too!! But we called them "poop curls", lol. I actually still have some of my curls from when I was about 3 in an envelope. They still look shiny!

pollyanna said...

I never wore ringlets but had to wear my hair long and in a pony tail. No bangs. Mom liked the look but I hated it. It wasn't until 8th grade she allowed me to have bangs...maybe it was 9th grade. Sheesh. Not a pretty sight LOL