Friday, December 5, 2008

Another finish and a weekend to do list

Here's our oreo penguins! The kids and I have studied penguins all week and this was our craft/snack today. Aren't they just darling?

It only took 40 mins to make the apron for my daycare girl who turns 5 tomorrow! For some reason I thought it would take longer. huh. Anyways she liked the apron and was willing to model it for me. :o)

See....a yellow apron - just like she asked for! And I got to use up some yellow that's been in my stash for a while now. It's very nice looking but every time I tried to put it in a quilt there was nothing that would go with it. It must have known it was meant to be an apron all along.
I made it a double layer for extra durability.

I put ties on the neck as well as the waist so that it's completely adjustable. The neck ties are a bit long. ;o)

So...there's another thing to cross off the list! This afternoon I sat down and made a somewhat ambitious weekend to-do list.
1.) Mend Denise's pillow Finished it while the kids were sleeping.
2.)Finish client's pj pants
3.)Finish my pj pants
4.)Quilt and bind Emily's quilt
5.)Let out Tyler's dress pants (Tyler is a former daycare child. These pants were too long on him in June and now they're way to short. He's 12 yrs old and 5' 10 1/2"!!!!!)
6.)Add some fabric to the bottom of one of GH's pj tops to lengthen it. (Not one of the one's I made him)

There you have it folks! We'll see how much I actually get done. Oh and I also have to do lovely things like house cleaning as well. bah humbug


pollyanna said...

Wow! Long list...and yoau re already finished with one. Bet you are finished with another by the time I finish typing this! LOL

Tara said...

The penguin cookies are a great idea! I'll have to try it with my kids.

Wilma NC said...

I want one of those cookies!!!