Saturday, December 27, 2008

Daycare Christmas Party

There has been a whirlwind of activity around here lately but things are starting to calm down now so I finally have time to blog!

On the 21st, a sunday, we had the daycare Christmas party. I kept it short and sweet this year. First we had a snow ball fight. I saw the idea for the snowballs online and figured out how to make them myself. They'll stay here at daycare for future indoor snowball fights. :o)

After the snow was all cleaned up the kids opened the books I'd given them. Everyone got a different Usborne book. Next year I won't be selling Usborne so I think I'll put the kids in different age/sex groups and buy multiple copies of the same book from Scholastic or Amazon. That might make picking the books out easier on me.

Then we opened the shirts I'd made them. They were a hit!
The buttons are all the same even though it doesn't look like it.

The girls got the snowmen, with the melting snowmen on the back, and the boys got tie shirts. I wanted to get pictures of all the shirts together before I wrapped them but in true Corinna fashion I was sewing the last few buttons on the snowmen when the first family walked in the door! With all the part timers I have I made 4 snowmen shirts and 5 tie shirts. I had one girl who couldn't attend so I left her shirt undone and I'll finish it next week maybe.

There were still a few kids that hadn't arrived yet (an hour late!!) so we did the pinata. I didn't get a picture of it but we had to take it down and rip it apart with our hands before we could get it open. lol I guess I did too many layers of paper mache!

When the last kids arrived we finally got to the kids gift exchange. They give each other toys to make up for the fact that I gave them books and clothes! :oP After playing with the toys and a few group pictures, which didnt' turn out well, everybody went home and Corinna spent the evening recooperating and cleaning up.


MYRA said...

You are such a wonderful day care teacher, and creator! Busy, busy! 8-)
I hope you've taken a few extra days to yourself over the holidays... 8-)

Wilma NC said...

OMG!! Those ties are great!!!!

andsewon said...

Oh my gracious!!! Love the tie shirts!!!My daughter has 5 boys and 1 lil gal those would be a wonderful idea for the fellas!!!! May I borrow it?????
What a wonderful day care caregiver you are!!! Hope these parents know how lucky they are!!