Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quilt Hanger

Way back in September, in my second post, I mentioned that I had ordered some quilt hangers online. Well they took about a month or so to arrive because they are custom made. And then it took me until last Sunday to put one up! I'm not sure what I was waiting for because it looks great. I'm really pleased with it.
Displayed here is the quilt I made two years ago....I think it was....or maybe it was last year. hmmm Nope pretty sure it was two years ago. Anyways, it was a mystery quilt on and I turned it into an advent calender. Each day the kids take a turn picking out an ornament to hang as we count down to Christmas. This picture was taking on Sunday....really there's only 8 more days until Christmas!!!!!

I've got the boys Christmas gift shirts finished and I'm working on the girls now. I'm also tossing around the idea of making a pinata for the party and kitchen towels for the parents. We'll see if I have time!


Naiyana said...

It bleautiufl!

NanaKaren said...

The quilt hanger is really nice. Love your quilt and how you're using it as an advent calendar with the kiddies in your daycare!

pollyanna said...

We made those wallhangins about two years ago, maybe three...Terri's Mystery Quilt. I love the advent feature! Cute idea. Your kids must love it!

MYRA said...

I shall have to buy one of those quilt hangers to try some time... 8-)
Thanks for the link for the Advent Calender pattern! Something to keep in mind when the grandkids start coming...hopefully not for at least 3-5 years yet... 8-)
The daycare children must love all the wonderful creations you come up with!
We got about 5 inches of snow last night in Winnipeg, and it is still snowing. How about you?

Wilma NC said...

Very nice!!! I never made that mystery, but turning it into an advent calendar was a great idea.

Valerie said...

Oh I love it! I know you are glad you have that quilt displayed. It is beautiful.