Monday, December 1, 2008

Opps it's been a while eh?

Sorry for the long gap between posts! It was a crazy week last week and a busy weekend as well.
I managed to cross G's pajama's off my October list. lol Somehow they kept getting dropped down the list. But now they're done and he's quite pleased with them as you can see.

I shortened the pants and lenghtened the top on the second pair.

On Saturday the family got together to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 65th wedding anniversary! Wow, eh? That's alot of years! :o) In those years they've had 7 children, 26 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. (Thadeus was #13)
Here's the cake. I was so busy visiting I didn't even take a piece....well that and there were so many other goodies to choose from. ;o)
After the come and go tea at the personal care home where grandpa lives we went out to supper. Our family took up most of the restaurant and we enjoyed a good meal together. I got to see some cousins I hadn't seen for a while so that was very nice.
On Sunday after the cousins who stayed here left I did absolutely nothing. Wasted the whole day really. :o( Oh well it was nice to relax and take it easy.
I'd better buckle down this week though. I've got four daycare kids with birthdays on the 5,6,8, and 10th of this month. I have to make an apron and some bean bags for two of them. I have no idea what to get/make for the two others. They're both girls. One turns 8 and one turns 7. I'd make aprons....but that's what I made them for Christmas last year. lol
I also need to have a pair of pajama pants finished for a client from my weekend job. He's a 19yr old with FAS and I've drawn his name for our gift exchange. He says camoflage pj pants would be the best so that's what he's getting! I've got the flannel washed and that's it.
I have a quilt top made for my cousin's little girl who was here this weekend. I planned on having it finished for them to take back home with them but I ran out of steam. So I'll need to get that finished this week as well....hopefully....maybe.
I also have to figure out a date for our daycare christmas party. And get the gifts done for that. I think I may wait until next weekend to work on that.
I'd better get at it!


Wilma NC said...

65 years is awesome!! The little one in the pictures is so cute.

MYRA said...

Is that little guy in the PJs one of you daycare children? Cutie-pie... 8-)
65 years married... What a milestone!! Congrats to them! Family gatherings like that are lovely to get caught up on everyone's lives...
Seems you have soooo many things "to do" on your list! Wow!
An idea for the birthday girls, maybe fleece hats and scarves? Personal placemat or pillowcase?
Happy stitchings, and I hope you find the time and energy for everything! 8-)

pollyanna said...

Oh how cute! And what a lovely wedding anniversary! 65 years...amazing!