Friday, December 12, 2008

The Weekend's here again!

I was going to post about Emily's quilt on Thursday so that it would be a surprise for her mommy when they got it in the mail (she reads my blog), but then I forgot. And when I went to put the pictures on my computer today the batteries in my camera were dead! So once they're charged by tomorrow I'll post those pictures. :o)
I used cotton/bamboo batting on Em's quilt and it turned out lovely and so soft. That batting has excellent drape for sure and I do believe I'll have to get some more next time I go down to Winnipeg. I have enough left to do the quilt for S, my daycare girl. Her quilt is cut out, maybe I'll actually get at it one of these days!
I will also be posting about a Christmas wallhanging I made for my sister to hang in her little apartment. I wanted to mail it out this week but it just didn't work for me to get to the post office on time. I wish they would stay open until 5:30 or 6 just ONE night of the week! It would make my life alot easier.

This weekends plans include making bread, making gingerbread house parts and working on the daycare kids appliqued shirts for Christmas. Our party is going to be on the 21st so I've got just over a week to finish them (and I haven't even started yet! lol)
This cold weather just makes me want to sleep though. It's gotten to below -30C which is -24F several times this week. Too cold for me! Perhaps I'll put on my slippers and get my fusible stuff out and get at them tonight.


Valerie said...

Sounds like you have a lot to do. I am impressed.

pollyanna said...

As usual, your life is filled with projects. And you get them finished! I am so impressed :) I start vacation today and now I will get busy! Great job, Corinna :)