Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another gifty

I decided last night that I needed to make a gift for a little daycare girl who turned 2 in Sept. She had just started coming here when her mom unexpectantly had to take two weeks off work. Her birthday was in those two weeks so I kind of missed getting her anything.

So I wanted to make her something educational, fun and cute. Hmmm a doll? Stuffed animal? Think, think, think. Bean bags....with letters...and numbers on them! And ric-rac! Perfect!

So at 11pm I started these. I found a nice font on Word to use as a stencil. Fused everything on and then did a bit of a stitch around everything with embroidery floss just to make sure the letters stayed on...and to make it cuter. I didn't have any blue ric rac and I wanted to try the piping to see how it would look. I like it. I finished them up this afternoon while the kids were sleeping. :o) They're so cute! My poor photography doesn't do them justice. I'm going to give them to her tomorrow with a printout on activities to do with bean bags.

And now I must, MUST, MUST get that baby quilt finished! Baby's coming any day now. Ack!


pollyanna said...

Adorable! amazing what a creative mind can do, isn't it? Fun!!

NanaKaren said...

How cute these are! Bet the little one will have a great time with them.