Thursday, October 9, 2008

D9P Baby Quilt

If you haven't heard yet I'm going to be an auntie at the end of the month! As the only auntie who quilts I'm in charge of making the baby quilt.
Sister in law picked out the fabric when I was in Winnipeg visiting, Sept. long weekend. She picked a plaid and a polka dot! The only thing I could think of that would work off the top of my head was a Disappearing Nine Patch. I showed her some pics online and she approved.

This is where I'm at so far. I really like it! It's only 28" by 39" though. Do D9P's usually have borders? Or should I make it bigger by adding more blocks? Hmmm Anybody?


Irene said...

I love it when people leave a comment on my blog that leads me to theirs! Your quilt is gorgeous. Personally, I'd put a border on it - probably the dark green to 'frame' it. Either way, it's going to be beautiful.

pollyanna said...

Oh that is turning out beautifully! I'd out on a border--like Irene said. A dark green would set it all together nicely :) Doesn't have to be al arge on--even 2" would look good. YippeeSkippee!! An auntie!

MYRA said...

Hi Corinna!
Thanks for popping by my blog! Becoming an auntie hey? Woohoo! How exciting! 8-)
Love the quilt for baby thus far! Disappointed though that I could not click on the photo for a closer look at your fabrics... 8-(
I am with the other two gals. Go for the darker green for a boarder. Two to three inches wide if you have enough, and then bind it with either the dark or the lighter green...Of course, it is your call! 8-)
Happy stitchings, and do visit again!

Karen said...

I think you've done a GREAT job just like that, beautifully colored; maybe use a dark green border as suggested. Can I ask pls. how big were the original 9 patches, & the final block size?

To see my work, pls. go to & within that to: KRSternberg

Can I pls. ask abt your website, did you make it or someone did it for you? Really nicely done, would love to learn that for myself! TIA

Corinna said...

My 9 patches were 6.5" and when cut down and resewn they were 6" I believe.
I went to your photobucket. I really like your blue triangle quilt! I've been thinking about doing a triangle quilt for a while now.
My blog was very easy to set up. I just followed the instructions on