Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to make a quilt in 24 hrs

Friday 5pm - Phone call from mom to say a cousin, Tim, that I haven't seen in 4or 5 years is coming to visit. Tim has a baby girl who turns 1 in Nov.
6pm - I decide I want to make baby Jessica a quilt. Decide on a design and go check out my stash of pink
6:30pm - Start cutting random strips of pink and sew them together.
8:30pm - Decide that just plain strips are boring and think of something I could applique on one of the strips. Elephants come to mind.
9pm - Find a elephant outline on google images. Print it out and get the elephants cut out and fused on. Do a blanket stitch by machine around each elephant. There were three. Finish piecing the top.
10:50pm - Go to weekend job. (not to worry, I get to sleep there)
Saturday 9am - Leave work and go buy a backing fabric. Bring it home and wash it.
11am - Start basting. Take phone call from Mom. Realize that Tim has a step daughter who's six that came as well. Crap. Forgot about her.
12pm - Decide to make a My Little Pony tote bag for the older sister Madison
1pm - Go buy ric rac for the tote bag. Finish tote bag. It looks great.

2pm - Start quilting the quilt. Loopy meander with a flower here and there.
3:30 pm - Attach binding.
4:15 pm - Throw the quilt in the wash.
4:45 pm - Take the quilt out of the washing machine and take it to mom and dad's to dry because that's where we're having supper.
4:50pm - Realize you don't have your camera to take pictures of the quilt.
5:30 - Give the nice warm quilt to the baby. :o) And the tote bag to the sister.
5:31pm - Realize that you may just have to make a quilt for the older sister after all!

The quilt pictures were taken with Dad's camera and he was kind enough to e-mail them to me. Thanks Dad!


Tara said...

You're amazing....24!

MYRA said...

Wow! You are incredible! Good for you! Nice work!
Adorable quilt, and little tote!

Angie said...

sThe baby quilt is lovely! Have you tried to make the stripes---in a flip & sew method on the batting/backing. A quilt as you go method? Angie

Valerie said...

This is great! I love both of them. I am still looking for my towel. I will let you know when it comes! I can't wait. I am excited.