Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holy moley, guacamole! I can't believe that someone could be this generous but Liz of Pigtails and Snails is giving away a quilt! Not just any quilt a one of a kind, designed by herself quilt! It's sooo nice so head over there and getch'yerself entered in to win.
I'm feeling lucky today because I won TWO of the fall giveaways. I never win anything! ....but you know how they say things come in threes? I'm sure my third winning will be this quilt. hehe I can always hope can't I?


pollyanna said...

What a cool gift! And congratulations to you, Corinna!

MYRA said...

I think your #3 will come in another form... 8-( But it was a lovely quilt!! When I first started blogging in May there was gal that gave away a quilt also...?...I didn't win that one either!!! LOL!
I used to be a childcare worker also...for 7-8 years... Halloween is an exciting time for the little rug-rats! 8-)
Happy stitchings!