Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend update....on a Tuesday. :oP

I managed to get three and a half things crossed off my October to-do list this weekend.

First I managed to replace the weather stripping on the side door. I'd only had the new weather stripping for a year! lol It's still drafty under the door though so it looks like I'll have to do something with the threshold bumper yet.

Next I finished a puppy costume for a daycare boy (GH) to use for halloween. His mom has also commissioned me to make is sister a witch costume.

(Pictures posted with parental permission)

Isn't he so cute! :o) He liked it so much he would have kept it on all day but it was just too warm for that. I love the white tipped tail. Oh and ignore the mess of toys behind him.

Gh's 2nd birthday is on friday so I've made him a pillowcase with the fabric he picked out the last time we were at the fabric shop. He loooves tractors! I also had just enough to make him a little pillowcase to put on his napping pillow for daycare. The kids use little travel pillows for naptime here.

I also half finished the binding on the wallhanging panel I bought over a year ago. I finished it this evening. I'll hang it whenever one of the kids is having a birthday.

Then I pulled out all the summer shoes from the entrance way. No need for the lawn mowing shoes for a long time! lol Nor the soccer cleats, baseball cleats and all those sandles. Now there's lots of room for winter boots. ((shutter))
Now I have just 4 things to finish on my October to-do list.
1. Two pairs of pj's for GH (the pattern I ordered came today finally)
2. Baby quilt for my niece or nephew (need to finish that this week)
3. AH's witch costume
4. Special quilted bag to take projects in to quilting club

Only #2 and #3 HAVE to be finished this month but I'm optimistic that I can finish them all by the 31st.


pollyanna said...

Ohhhhhhhh that puppy is cute! What an adorable costume and little one :) Lots of tasks finsihed Corinna! YippeeSkippee for you!

MYRA said...

You are one busy lady!!
Adorable puppy costume!
Good luck with finishing up your October list! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Tara said...

Great job on the costume! Good luck with the rest of your tasks.