Monday, October 13, 2008

Turkey Day!

Well folks there's just a bit more than 3 hours left of our Canadian thanksgiving and it's been a pretty good long weekend.

On friday I got this lovely thing from one of my daycare moms. :o) So nice!

Earlier in the week the kids and I made this for one of our thanksgiving crafts. They colored the leaves and then we wrote things that they were thankful for on them. My name made it on there twice. hehe Don't I have the sweetest daycare children? lol It's hanging in the narrow stairway so it's impossible to get a head-on shot.

Saturday I spent napping and not doing too much as I was feeling out of sorts. Pretty sure I was PMSing and I really wasn't fit to be in civilized company. Not to worry, I got over it. lol

Sunday after church we had thanksgiving dinner. Yummy, yummy! That evening I went out to mom and dad's for a heated Scrabble game. Mom beat dad by just a few points and I came in third because I got stuck with the Q. Normally my favorite letter seeing as it starts the word quilt. Alas it could not be used because dad was hogging the last U. lol

Today I've been puttering around. I slept in until 10! Whoot! Because of my weekend job there's only about 5 or 6 days a year where I can sleep in so I really enjoyed it.

I'm nearly finished the halloween costume for one of my daycare boys. He wants to be a puppy so his mom has commissioned me to make a puppy costume. All I have left to do is put a few white patches on the body and then it's done. I'm also making a witch costume for his older sister.

I've also cleaned out the exercise room. This involved moving the jumperoo from that room into the laundry room. I'll be glad when I can ship that off to my brother's house for his baby! None of my daycare kids are little enough for it anymore.

Oh and it snowed today. :o( But I refuse to acknowledge that with a picture. :oP

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Thanksgiving/Columbus Day!

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pollyanna said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! What a wonderful treat from your kids and that centerpiece is beautiful. Glad you are over the PMS...not fit for company LOL